“Little things done with love are much better than big things without love." -Lailah Gifty Akita

Have you ever heard the mission statement of an organization and thought to yourself, "Now that's something I can get behind"? Fixed Abode is a group of artists and friends on the lookout for Chicago-based organizations that make us exclaim "Let's get behind that!" We carefully select partners whose mission excites us and whose work contributes to human flourishing in our city. Here are a few of the groups we have supported throughout our production history:



For our inaugural show in 2016 at the Uptown Underground, we raised money for Loom, a group of refugee women artisans who have fled war and violence from around the globe and have resettled in Chicago where they now create functional art, one-of a kind objects, clothings, accessories and more. Loom provides a supportive community where refugees can learn from each other and from local artists, earn an income and empower themselves in their readjustment in a new country and culture. Currently women from Nepal, Bhutan, Afghanistan, Sudan, Uganda, Syria and Iraq meet weekly to work on ongoing projects, or do workshops to learn new skills.



Our second show in 2017 was held at Low Res Studio with proceeds going to World Relief Chicago, whose mission is to care for refugee and immigrant families through resettlement, employment, legal services, youth and education programs. They work in close collaboration with community partners and volunteers to assist refugees and immigrants on their journey through cultural adjustment toward self-sufficiency in the United States.



In January 2018 our third performance at Low Res Studio benefitted GirlForward, a community of support dedicated to creating and enhancing opportunities for girls who have been displaced by conflict and persecution. We are in the midst of the biggest refugee crisis the world has ever seen. Over 60 million people worldwide have been forced to flee their homes.  In conflict, girls are especially vulnerable to violence, isolation, and being kept out of school. Girls who receive resettlement in the United States face huge challenges: poverty, language barrier, limited or disrupted education, isolation, and trauma. But when girls succeed, everyone benefits. Fixed Abode III was proud to feature performances by refugee girl poets reciting their original works.